A shot that’s actually good for you!

When you hear the word “shots,” you probably think of either alcohol, or needles. Well there is a shot you can take that’s actually really beneficial for you. No it’s not alcohol or needles.. but you drink it. Many of you have been asking me about this product for awhile.. well secrets out! Its a…… Continue reading A shot that’s actually good for you!


DIY Coffee Scrub 

Oftentimes, I see celebrities on their IG or twitter in their shower with coffee grounds all over them. Apparently this is the new “thing.” I decided to give it a shot and make my own. It’s super easy and there is actually a lot of nice benefits to a coffee scrub.   Of course using…… Continue reading DIY Coffee Scrub 

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Revamp your look for the New Year

Time for the whole “new year, new you” thing.. Wanting to change up your look this year? Here’s a few simple things you can do to switch it up. Hair Not ready to change your hair color but want to try something different? Try changing your hair part. So simple, but I’ve noticed that when…… Continue reading Revamp your look for the New Year


Skincare Ingredient Cheat Sheets

Many times I will hand a patient a product and one of the first things they do is turn it around and look at the ingredients. Though I know that probably 95% of these people have no idea what most of them are, I stand there for a moment, and wait patiently until they’re done…… Continue reading Skincare Ingredient Cheat Sheets