Design Inspiration: Everything Gold and White

Sorry for not posting much lately but I’ve been very busy moving! I’m still staying in the Queen City though. I’ve decided to change up my style of decorating and try something new. I’m very traditional and often times tend to lean towards vintage styles. Interior design is not my forte, but I’ve gathered some inspiration from pinterest and magazines to help me.

I’m going for a modern victorian theme, and focusing on the colors gold and white.

Two of my plans are to have a cute vintage vanity set and a nice reading area.

Below are some of my favorite things I have found and have given me a lot of inspiration!


gold and white


  1. This is pretty expensive, but I adore this chaise lounge. I love the Victorian inspired design, the way it looks a tad bit warn, and the carved details.
  2.  One of the things I will for sure be getting, is a nice tea set. I love the gold accents of this porcelain set, and the blue pattern.
  3. This ceramic gold touch lamp is super adorable and only $28.33! I love the details in this piece and how elegant it looks.
  4. This metallic embroidered pillow is only $15.00 and is a super cute accent pillow.
  5. I love candles so  much, and this gold scroll candle holder will for sure add a nice detail to the room.
  6. This jewelry holder is just perfect, only $12.97. I love the gold accents.
  7. Currently there’s a great deal on these royal velvet curtain panels. Regularly $110, they are now only $21.99!
  8. These mod metal planters are only $10! Available in 3 different colors.
  9. This faux marble clock is available in 2 different colors. How cute is this? Only $14.99.

How do you guys find your inspiration for decorating? Share your comments below!




18 thoughts on “Design Inspiration: Everything Gold and White

  1. Pinterest is my favorite place to go to find inspiration, they manage to have ALL the best things on there! I adore the idea of the gold and white theme, its so classy and elegant. My favorite color schemes are for sure black/white and then gold ๐Ÿ™‚ You can’t ever go wrong because it always looks so good! Best of luck with it all!!!

    xo, JJ

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  2. I love that color combination, it will look so chic and luxurious. I love the items you picked as well, that gold lamp is stunning. For my design inspiration, I usually just spend a ton of time on Pinterest, pinning my favorite things and browse the internet!


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