Charleston SC

I’m happy I came prepared for the weather this past weekend in Charleston SC. It was Halloween, and you would think it would be chilly cuddle weather, but it was far from it.

The first day, we spent some time soaking up the rays of the sun in 85 degree weather on the beautiful sandy shores of Folly Beach SC. This cute little beach town is about 20 min away from downtown Charleston and is more residential than most beach towns outside of Charleston.

I was pretty bummed about the weather. After all, I had already put up my summer clothes because it was FALL. I had to grab some items that I had stored in order to comfortably enjoy the weekend. It isn’t often that we have warm weather in October here in the south.

I wasn’t going to let the weather get me down though! David and I had fun exploring the town. Downtown Charleston is very visually stimulating. From the historic houses, to the beautiful waterfront parks, it’s one of the most beautiful places in South Carolina. One of the first things I think about when I think of Charleston, are the magnificent homes. You may hear people talk about “Charleston style homes.” From the front, they look small, but they extend as you look at the side of the house. One of the reasons for this (that most people don’t know) was to get a tax break. They taxed the home based on how big the front of the house was. So instead, they made the front look smaller, and just made the house extend out from the side. Pretty neat!

We got to tour the Calhoun Mansion. It is the largest private residence in Charleston! The inside had SO many beautiful antiques and the rooms of the home were extravagant! Definitely a must see if you have a love for old homes, antiques, and interesting stories!

I expected to see more people in costumes and more Halloween type things, but surprisingly I didn’t see much of it. To me, it really didn’t feel like Halloween. Charleston though, is one of the most haunted places in South Carolina! This is an extremely old town with so much history!

If you are into creepy things (like me) check out these awesome ghost tours:

If creepy stuff isn’t for you, check out some Charleston improv comedy ! David and I saw a show at Theater 99 and it was fantastic! The best improv comedy show I’ve seen. If you love to laugh and have a great time, check it out.

To keep us in the spirit of Halloween though, David and I went to see a live viewing of Frankenstein at the 34 west theater company. It was part of their National Theater Live series. Check out their calendar of events for other great performances.

There’s tons of places to eat and drink at but here are my top three picks:

  • Henry’s  – A 3 story roof top jazz bar that turns into a club on the weekend. It is my favorite bar in Charleston. I love the old feel and the decor.
  •  Pearlz – Great fresh seafood.
  • Olde Towne Grill and Seafood – The food was absolutely amazing and you get a lot of bang for your buck here.

I’ve been to Charleston many times, and it never disappoints! It is most definitely a great place to visit if you are down in South Carolina. Fun for a quick weekend trip, or a nice long vacation. Tons to do, especially if you are a lover of history!







14 thoughts on “Charleston SC

  1. Gorgeous pics! I love your hair, you’re so beautiful! I love spooky and haunted things, I’m going to check out those links you posted. Great post! I loved reading about your time there. That’s a bummer about the weather! I love those fall chilly days. 💕💜

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