Pumkin Patch

One thing I really wanted to do this year was carve a pumpkin. It had been years since I had last done this, and I forgot how hard it actually was.

Instead of grabbing a pumpkin from the local store, I decided it was best to get one from an actual pumpkin patch. I wanted the whole experience. We drove to a corn maze, where they had tons of activities, but mostly for small children. We tackled the corn maze (that was supposed to take you 45 minutes) in 24 minutes.

After dominating the maze, we took a hayride to the pumpkin patch. Most of the good pumpkins were gone, but I managed to find a couple nice ones. Though this weekend is Halloween, you still have time to grab a pumpkin!

Here’s a few tips for picking out the perfect one:

  1. Make sure to pick it up from the bottom and not the stem
  2. Set pumpkin on a flat surface to make sure the pumpkin will sit up after it is carved
  3. Look closely and make sure it does not have soft spots or mold

David and I had decided to have a contest to see who would have the best design.
At first I was very confident, but soon realized that though I consider myself a great artist, pumpkin carving is not my forte. I tried many different designs but after failing multiple times, I just decided to do something simple.



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