Fall Fashion for Petites

Knit sweaters

Do sweaters ever go out of style? No.
I know for me being so petite, sweaters can be hard to find that fit me just right.
I like to take a longer sweater and wear it with leggings or skinny jeans.
I’ve seen a lot of trends this year where girls wear a sweater on top of a skirt. Though I love this look, I have found that it does not go well with petite figures. I tried it and looked like a child playing dress up in my moms closet, but feel free to give it a try! Instead, you can pair it with a cute high waisted skirt and just tuck it in.

Cute Jackets

Make sure not to overwhelm your tiny frame with a bulky jacket loaded with zippers, buttons and crazy patterns. Especially when wearing an outfit with many accessories, find a jacket that has a solid color and with a slim fit or waist-cinching tie. Like this Icon trench coat from J.Crew.

If you want to show off your favorite high-low hemline sweater, or just want a more casual jacket for on the go. Consider a a cute zip up short jacket, perfect for fall layering!

Speaking of layers..

I’m obsessed with layering fall attire! When layering your clothes, remember not to overdo it. Though I could add layers upon layers, I always have to remember to keep it simple. It’s always great to start off with a thin blouse as the foundation for the outfit, then layering on a thicker item such as a sweater. If you need added warmth or an extra somethin’ to make your outfit complete, try adding a vest. Personally I’m not a huge fan of jackets unless they are absolutely necessary. I love layering because I can show off my clothes, yet stay warm. One of my favorite fall looks is a layered flannel shirt.


Of course you can’t forget the accessories! Below I have listed a few that would look great with almost any fall attire.


fall fashion

  1. Plaid Scarf  2. Gold Bracelets (right now 2 for $10) 3. Lipstick4. Nail polish 5. Necklace (right now 2 for $10) 6. Tory Burch Purse 7. Hat


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