Mountain getaway for a day

If you’ve never been to the mountains of North Carolina, I would say it is definitely a place to put on your bucket list if you like beautiful views and adventure.
This weekend in particular was pretty spontaneous, but we (My boyfriend and I) did a great job planning some things upon such short notice.

First was heading to Hendersonville. Heading to Asheville from Hendersonville will take you about 30 min, but it’s definitely a cute little town to stop at when passing through. We chose to go to one of my favorite spots, The Poe House. With one of my Favorite writers being Edgar Allan Poe, I felt that this was a great place to start. They were having a preburial celebration to commemorate the writer since on that day 167 years ago, he had died.
Seems kind of morbid, but it was a great time! Of course though, David and I had to dress the part!

It is located in downtown Hendersonville, but be careful not to drive by it! It’s located underneath the West First Wood-Fired restaurant. It’s a smaller venue with a warm and comforting feel. Smaller bar, many tables, and couches for lounging. They even have a reading lounge towards the back. It’s decorated in Edgar Allan Poe inspired art and quotes from his most famous poems and short stories.
They have a great selection of wines, local beers, and sake!

With it being such a spontaneous trip, we stayed at an Airbnb which was new to me, but it was a great choice! The one we stayed at was in a beautiful log cabin, the lady who owned it had a beautiful property and even had a map that showed you different areas to explore. Unfortunately we did not have much time to look around because we were only staying there for one night. The next day though, we had a chance to roam the grounds.

That Saturday we spent time in downtown Asheville, having brunch and going to local shops. Though it was rainy and cloudy, we didn’t let it get us down.
Downtown Asheville is full of variety. Many different restaurants from Indian food to southern cooking. There are many shops that support local artisans, selling clothes, art, and books. Definitely an area to spend a couples hours if you enjoy interesting shops and culture of the mountains.

We stopped by The Grove Park Inn to take in the breathtaking views and stop by the antique car museum they have there. I hope to write a post one day only on this place because it is huge and there’s so much to see! I’m sure I could spend a whole weekend just there. They have a spa, golf course, restaurant with a beautiful view, little places to check out on the grounds, and shopping.

I am wanting to come back when the trees are just bursting in vibrant colors of red, orange, and yellow! Due to warmer weather here in the North Carolina mountains, it takes just a little longer for the fall foliage to show, but when it does, it is a sight to see!
I am planning on coming back to visit around the end of October or first of November.

If you find yourself very busy and you think you may not have time before the season is over, keep in mind, the Blue Ridge Mountain range puts on one of the longest running autumn leaf color displays in the country!

Dress warm, wear comfortable shoes, and prepare to spend hours exploring Asheville!

Places to visit :


Grove Park Inn

Grand Bohemian Hotel

The North Carolina Arboretum

Botanical Gardens at Asheville

If you’re up for a little extra adventure:



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